Upon meeting the real Shania Twain in November of 2004, Shania had personally received a poster of our tribute artist performing live from a recent show. Shania took a double take her and at the poster, and said "Wait a minute. That's not me is it? That's you! Wow! You look really great. Good luck with the show." If the real Shania Twain was impressed, you will be too.

"Thank you for a wonderful performance last night at our dealers dinner gala. All 150 in attendance could not believe that you were a Shania Twain impersonator. In fact, even though you mentioned it in your show several times I still received calls the next day from people asking to settle a bet. Is she or isn't she the real thing? I told them you weren't and we all had a good laugh. Your vocal style and appearance are both professional and VERY convincing. I like the way you interacted with the audience and I especially liked the song that included the line dancing with our guests. That was very entertaining. Thank you again for your attention to detail and helping to make our event a great success! "

- Goodyear

"I thought I should let you know once again what an outstanding performance you put on at our event. When you burst into the room, there was a gasp from our guests then complete silence. We looked around to see what was happening. It was a very unusual moment. At this time we noticed guests mouths were open and they were all in complete shock. I do recall you mentioning to the audience during one song that you are a huge Shania Twain fan and that is why you started this tribute show. I don't think people at that point believed you were a tribute artist and moved in closer to take a second look at you. You have an absolutely beautiful voice and your stage presence is just amazing. The event has since passed but people are still taking about this incredible show. We will certainly have "Shania" back for our next function."


"I just wanted to take the time once again to thank you for an incredible performance. Your tribute to Shania Twain was flawless. I was a little hesitant at first to book this type of entertainment but after seeing this live performance I would do it again. Your remarkable vocal and physical resemblance to Shania is unbelievable. From your voice, look and mannerism, its hard to believe that someone can mimic another person so accurately. I highly recommend The Shania tribute show to anyone looking for first class entertainment and a live performance. We look forward to seeing you again at our Christmas party this year!"


"I have booked "Shania" on every occasion for the large corporate events that I put on. Her voice, mannerism and appearance have been very well received by all who have seen her. She truly becomes SHANIA in her show and some have even asked if she was the real Shania even though she is introduced as a tribute artist. People will even stay until after the show just to be sure. In fact, at our most recent event, some of the guests asked how I managed to have Shania Twain attend since she is currently on tour and completely sold out! In my opinion, she is the best Shania Twain impersonator out there vocally & visually. She would be my first recommendation for any event!"

T & S Services

...Shania Twain impersonator, had the members on their feet with her amazing renditions of the Canadian pop icon's hits such as Man! I Feel Like A Woman! and I'm Gonna Getcha Good! [doc]

- Vaughn Chamber of Commerce

Shania was wonderful!
Everyone that I have spoken to were very impressed. You may even  hear from more people at Tridel for another function. I wouldn't  hesitate to recommend her. This morning the gentleman we paid tribute to said that she should get an agent and break out on her own. She's that good!!!


...Your interaction with the audience was fabulous and you were a big hit! Our guest of honour was just mesmerized! [pdf] [doc]

- Toshiba, 21 Dec 2004

...Some of the people in attendance had seen a "Shania impersonator" (Not you) just a few weeks previously at "their" Christmas Party; even they admitted that there was no comparison! As a Shania fan personally, I have to say; you really are fantastic! You have the voice, the look, and the moves... [pdf] [doc]

Carstar, 15 Dec 2004

To Shania,
YOU WERE AMAZING last night!!!! Your  "Shania tribute show" was flawless!!! You sound so  much like her!!! And at many angles as you were singing and dancing, you looked exactly like her too.....to a tee!!! I mean I think you could have fooled the real Shania's own husband!! We were so impressed. We heard you look & sound like Shania but to see you live in makeup and the cool leopard outfit REALLY put the whole package together..You are truly talented!!

Daniella Diambro

...Your Shania Twain impersonation was fantastic. Your look was incredible and your voice was unbelievable. It was astonishing how similar you were to Shania Twain. I truly believe there were several patrons in the crowd that thought you were the real thing... [pdf]

- Toronto Molson Indy

...Because of you and your care for animals, we were able to raise enough money to make a difference...The money raised from the events goes to shelter repairs, proper health care, food and so much more. Thanks again for your caring contribution towards our live auction... [pdf]

- OSPCA Parry Sound Branch

...We wish to thank Hollywood Heaven for being a YRAP Children's Champion..."Shania" performed 3 sets that got our audience up and dancing with her and resulted in the donated event package to sell for $2000.00 on our live auction... [pdf]

- York Region Abuse Program

"Shania" was awesome... everyone really liked her, she was high energy... GORGEOUS and very talented. Thanks for everything.

- TELUS Mobility

"Just wanted to let you know that I worked with the real Shania Twain at Deerhurst Resort in Canada before she made it big. I think you look and sound just like her. Hope to catch your show again soon."


"I just wanted to thank you for helping to make the entertainment at our national tax conference such a success! Your impersonation of Shania Twain was fantastic both in looks and voice. Your performance far exceeded my expectations!"

- TD Pricewaterhouse Coopers

"Your performance of Shania Twain was absolutely fantastic! All of the guests at the event were truly amazed by your ability to sing and resemble the artist in every way. Some of the guests even thought it was a recorded voice with the music because it was done so well. We really look forward to seeing you for our next event in hopes that you will be available. You added such a great impression to our event, I'm sure that our ticket sales will increase because of it."

- Princess Margaret Hospital

"Thank you so much for entertaining us at our recent event. One out of numerous comments that came back to the executive that night was "I sure don't want to be on the planning committee for next year's event" They just didn't think it could get any better. The comment about the Shania tribute artist was that no one believed that it was actually her singing because she was SO good! She is pretty much a dead ringer too!! Our social and membership drive was most successful."

- The Forum

"Thank you for coming out to entertain our guests at our first annual golf tournament yesterday. I can't begin to tell you how surprised and pleased everyone was to see "Shania". You not only look so much like Shania but you sound exactly like her! Several guests asked me if it really was a live show because they simply could not believe how much you sound like her. The way you had the guests participate in your show was extremely entertaining. I heard you sing on your website but it compares nothing to the live act. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to add some fun to any event. All of our guests, bar none, told me on the way out that this was the best golf tournament that they have ever attended."

- Baker Centre Foundation

More references available upon request.

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